Kylie Jenner Back To Her Usual Extra Manicure With The Hottest Trend For Spring

It’s funny now to think that for a while, you never knew what color Kylie Jenner’s hair would be. Although now we almost always spot her with her classic jet black waves, when she was King Kylie, it was always something new…blonde, pink, blue, etc.
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Recently, it looks like Kylie Jenner has been feeling nostalgic about her time in 2014. First, she tried out her pastel pink hair and now she’s got a new fiery red hairdo that she paired with matching red nails.

On March 18, Jenner’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, posted a photo of the star with a new look. The focus was not only on her extreme — but clearly temporary — hair change, but also on her glamorous outfit and equally flashy nails. 

We need to talk about the hair first. Back in the Snapchat era, we’ve seen Kylie with red hair more times than we can count—dark auburn, pastel red, and ginger, to name a few.

However, out of all the red hair dyes she did, the naïveties never showed up.

In its current bright cherry red shade, Kylie’s hair reached below her chest. Also, of course, making straight her naiveties. Jenner’s new faux-naives were sleek and had plenty of length. 

She still showed most of her forehead, some strands reaching her eyelashes and some remaining above her eyebrows. 

To match the new red shade, Jenner took the color to her nails in a chrome variety. With medium length, square fingernails, each of her fingertips matched the same deep red color of her hair.

Slightly darker than the color of her hair and outfit, it was made even more intense by adding red chrome on top. The reflective finish made the polish look more brown than red, but the vibes went perfectly with the rest of her look.

Kylie Jenner completed her cherry ensemble with a bandeau in the same color as her hair, a choker and, of course, some red makeup. The star accentuated her lips with a cherry shade, also bringing a similar shade to her cheeks for a pretty pop of color.

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