Bella Hadid Launches Mysterious Brand, Orebella

Hadid was seen at the beauty retailer’s headquarters Ulta Beauty where she signed a contract to launch her own exclusive brand called Orebella. She had signed a contract with Dick George, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ulta Beauty, to release her own beauty brand. It will covers a wide range of products, including a fragrance, scented body, hair care, incense, and reed diffusers.
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Bella Hadid, where the hell have you been, loca? Apparently, working on launching her very own beauty brand.

Hadid, noticeably absent from the runway as of late, just revealed what’s been keeping her busy. On Thursday, she posted a mysterious teaser on Instagram: “Orebella founded by Bella Khair Hadid. Reveal your alchemy on 5/02,” the caption reads. She had signed a contract with Dick George, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ulta Beauty, to release her own beauty brand Orebella.

While the brand’s official Instagram account offers no indication of what, exactly, Orebella will sell, industrious fans have located its trademark application. The application covers a wide range of products, including fragrance, scented body, hair care, incense, and reed diffusers.

Basically: Orebella appears to be a fragrance brand.

Fans are also speculating that Orebella will launch exclusively at Ulta. In early February, Hadid posted a photo of herself visiting what seems to be the beauty retailer’s headquarters.

In 2021, Hadid signed on as cofounder of Euphorics, a line of non-alcoholic drinks. In July 2023, she revealed that she was 10 months sober from alcohol: “I’m so proud of anyone discovering their sobriety,” she shared on Instagram.

Hadid is also open about her struggles with mental health and Lyme disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2012.

Hadid’s step into beauty and wellness is a natural extension of her longstanding advocation for self-care.

From hard launching her cowboy boyfriend to birthing her own brand, Bella Hadid has had quite the start to 2024. Orebella arrives on May 2 — watch this space for updates.

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