Middle Parting, Short Bob & Co. – These Are The Hairstyle Trends For 2024

Mazzurana rocks the short bob. / DDP / Benz SLK
The hairstyle trends for 2024 promise an exciting mix of timeless styling and daring cuts. No matter whether you have short hair or prefer a curly mane – the year 2024 has something in store for everyone.
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#1 Short Bob

The short bob will continue to be popular in 2024. Logically, bob hairstyles of all kinds are among the timeless styles that you can give your hair. We’ll just briefly remind you of Lady Diana’s bob , which regularly captivates the beauty world.

So now a bob, but best cut to chin length and even better in a blunt cut, which gives the whole thing a straight but cool finish thanks to the bluntly cut tips.

Whether sleek or with loose beach waves – the short bob is super easy to style and can be styled in a variety of ways with cute hair accessories . The only catch: regular visits to the hairdresser to maintain the cut are a must.

#2 Shag cut

Anyone as cool as this next hairstyle is here to stay. Trend experts expect a 70s revival next year. At least when it comes to hairstyles, the shag cut can keep up.

He features layered, shaggy hair that gives off a bold and casual look. This trend is extremely versatile and can be adapted to different hair lengths and textures.

Curls or waves can add dimension to the shag, while sleek styling creates an elegant yet casual look. A bit of punk meets Woodstock vibes meets modernity. This hairstyle can do it all.

Quiet Luxury Hair is also trendy

#3 Micro Bangs

For some it’s horror, for others it’s a lifestyle: The Micro Bangs are back in 2024 and cooler than ever. The ultra-short bangs, also known as mini bangs or baby bangs, are bold, eye-catching and make a bold statement.

The cool thing: The bangs can actually be “cut” to any hair length or texture and can be styled straight and straight or shaggy and textured as desired.

Of course, the bangs should also be cut regularly by a professional (or at home, but at your own risk).

#4 Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut will continue to adorn the heads of it girls and trend boys in 2024. It is characterized by light and airy waves that are reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly.

The butterfly cut gives the hair volume, texture and movement – it couldn’t be better. This cut is suitable for different hair lengths, but it makes the most impression on hair from shoulder length. If the curl is too strong, you might want to go for a shag – or get extensive advice from your hairdresser about the pros and cons.

#5 Middle parting

The middle part is timeless and is here to stay. Although the side parting made its appearance for a short time this year, the straight middle prevailed.

This simple yet elegant style, where the hair is neatly parted down the middle, creates a symmetrical appearance. It can be combined with all hair lengths and textures and gives the look a “look-at-me” touch.

The versatility of the middle parting is enormous: whether straight or wavy, with open hair or updos, it can be combined wonderfully.

The parting looks particularly cool when it is precisely drawn with a tail comb. Be more casual when divided with your fingers.

#6 Low Bun

Okay, Sofia Richie Grainge started one of the most important hairstyle trends with her low bun, which has also solidified itself in 2024. The sleek bun , which is knotted low on the neck or at the back of the head, effortlessly combines elegance and casualness.

The best thing about it is that you can style the low bun easily and in just a few minutes, just armed with some hair gel and a comb.

This makes the low bun extremely versatile and can be worn from the gym, on chic dates or to the office. The low bun is ideal for almost any hair length and structure and can be varied individually.

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