Face Slapping or Slapping Yourself So That The Creams Are Better Absorbed: Does It Work?

They say on TikTok that giving cakes to the face improves cosmetic penetration and promotes the production of collagen. Do we believe it? Let’s see what the experts say.

As you read it. No soft tapping: real cakes until, they say in the network that creates viral trends, “you no longer feel anything, because the absorption of the products is improved and the production of collagen is stimulated.”

It’s called face slapping, and it reminds us of how men applied the aftershave in the advertising of the 80s and 90s with those maneuvers but delicate. Could it be that slapping yourself when putting on a cream is the way to get the most out of it and we haven’t found out yet?

Is it absorbed more and better?

An expert in aesthetics, believes that “slaps do not help a cream to penetrate. Controlled and well-applied tapping does cause hyperemia, that is, they improve the blood flow and oxygenation of the area. The experts have always defended the importance of massage when applying cosmetics, especially serum. But not based on slaps or intense blows as sometimes seen on TikTok.

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Cosmetologist and biotechnologist consider products that do not penetrate more just because of how they are applied, but because of how the formulas are, which convey the active ingredients so that they reach the different layers of skin. “That’s the real key. Giving cakes on the skin does not have to improve, at all, the absorption of a cosmetic.” To all this we add that by giving resounding blows to the skin we generate air, and this can evaporate part of the cosmetic before it reaches or you can search for its target.


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An extra of collagen

Another of the supposed benefits of face slapping is that it could increase the production of collagen and elastin thanks to so much blow. That is, it would make the skin ‘wake up’ and get to work based on pushes.

Dermatologists agree it is true that the very heat provided by contact with the hands causes a dilation and this could help the penetration of the product as long as it contains very small molecules but not the one produced by blows on the skin, since, quoting the expert as small veins can be broken, telangiectasia (vascular spiders) or petechiae (small red or purple) spots that are formed on the skin due to bleeding. In the face everything has to be done with delicate maneuvers.”

It is accepted that for the skin to regenerate better you have to help it, and for this sometimes you need to search for specialists cause ‘traumas’ that motivate cell production and that formation of collagen: there are the needle rollers or microneedling or facial mesotherapy, whose part of the success, beyond the vitamin cocktail, is the mere puncture.

Face slapping could alter deep structures. (Unsplash/Oladimeji Odunsi)

But these aesthetic medical procedures, in addition to having a solid scientific basis, treat the skin in its different layers.Face slapping can affect the muscles ofthe face and end up being harmful in the long term. If your skin is also sensitive, or suffers from rosacea, there is a risk that the pathology will get worse. It is no coincidence that the technique became fashionable in Asia, where the skins are more resistant, thicker and rich in collagen.

And no, it’s not kobido.

There are those who can confuse face slapping with the ancient Japanese facial massage technique because of the energy involved in both procedures. But, although they have to do with something in the form (and only in appearance), nothing in the background or in the final result. Kobido works the muscles with different movements with the hands, from stretching to pressures at specific points, and with tools such as jade rollers.

This type of massage treats the skin and muscle like a personal trainer, reaffirming with very studied and defined techniques for which you have to train well, while face slapping produces a direct impact on the skin.

The way to apply a cream depends on the skin and the area. (Unsplash/Milada Vigoreva)

The massage, personalized

There are no unique maneuvers when it comes to treating the face; however, none has to be aggressive. The ideal massage to apply a product will depend on the facial area in which you are working.

The well-directed jade roller increases firmness. (Unsplash/John Vivas)

“The perfect maneuvers are those that adapt to the area, the product and the type of skin. And they can include small touches with the fingertips, soft straightening, circles, etc. Undoubtedly, they help the effectiveness of the cosmetic, improve circulation and have many benefits. Mini slaps, on the other hand, can bring more harm than benefits,” he says.

Some propose alternative to the viral technique: the jade roller or the gua sha stone. As they are not porous, they allow you to take advantage of the entire dose of product and, with the appropriate movements, promote the firmness and stimulation of collagen, as well as energize the tissue.

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