5 Golden Rules to Increase Perfume Longevity According to Perfume Experts

What can I do to make my perfume last longer? What mistakes should you avoid? We’ll answer all your questions about how to maximize the longevity of your perfume and amplify its scent.
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Where should I spray perfume?

The book Le Grand Livre du Parfum (The Great Perfume Book) says, “The lasting power of a perfume depends on two things: ‘concentration’ and ‘ingredients.’” In fact, the higher the concentration of perfume, the longer the scent lasts. For example, eau de parfum (10-15% strength) lasts longer than eau de toilette (8-10% strength) or eau de cologne (5% strength). Composition is also important. Fresh citrus or floral notes are made up of light molecules that evaporate quickly. On the other hand, pungent scents like vanilla and amber are heavier, so they are less volatile and last longer on the skin. Luckily, no matter which scent you choose, there are ways to make sure it lasts as long as possible on your skin. And don’t forget. The more often you wear the same perfume, the more your brain recognizes it as your own. This means you can no longer smell your own perfume. That’s why it’s necessary to change your perfume regularly and enjoy the scent to the fullest.

5 Ways to Apply Perfume Perfectly!

1. Spray perfume at strategic points

Coco Chanel advised to apply perfume wherever you want to be kissed. That’s not a bad tip. If you find your pulse point and spray perfume 10 to 20 cm away from your skin, you can spread the heat from the scent 10 times more widely.

Pulse points: under the neck, hairline on both sides below the ears, hollow in the middle of the chest, wrist, and hollow in the elbow.

If you want a more intense scent, spray the perfume like a cloud in the air and finish by walking through it. You may be engulfed in a subtle scent.

2. Use a Variety of Scents You Like

From soap, body lotion, moisturizer, and deodorant, many brands are offering various versions of eau de parfum. This is a great way to amplify the scent without emptying the bottle. The most effective of these is hair mist (it contains a much lower concentration of fragrance than eau de toilette). When you spray perfume on your hair, the scent is amplified 10 times more than usual. This is because it is the warmest part of the body, so scent spreads best. One caveat is that you should not spray regular perfume directly on your hair. The alcohol in perfume can dry out your hair and harm the health of your hair fibers.

3. Always Spray Perfume on Moist Skin.

Perfume does not stick well to dry skin. That is why the ideal time to apply perfume is right after showering and applying moisturizer. The fragrance molecules then attach to the moisturizer and the scent lasts all day. Try using a moisturizer with a neutral scent, or a body lotion or moisturizing cream version with the same scent as the perfume you spray. You will notice that the scent lasts much longer.

4. Don’t Rub in Perfume

When testing a perfume, it’s almost instinct to spray it on your wrist first and then rub it. In an interview with Vogue, Francis Kurkdjian said, “The almost unconscious act of spraying a little perfume on your wrists and then touching them before reaching your neck is actually a very bad habit. The friction caused by rubbing heats the skin, producing natural enzymes and changing the scent. He explained, “It is influenced in that order: top notes and middle notes.” The correct way is to spray perfume and then do not touch it and let the molecules spread naturally. If you want to leave the perfect scent wherever you go, pack your favorite perfume in a travel spray bottle and have it ready to spray whenever you want.

5. Spray Perfume On Your Clothes

This is a controversial tip because there’s no better medium for scents to fully bloom than your skin. But in the fall and winter, spraying perfume on your clothes is a great way to amplify the scent. Spray a little perfume on the inside of your scarf or coat. When the wind blows, the scent will spread everywhere and remain on the fabric for several days. Additionally, natural materials like wool, cotton, and cashmere diffuse odors much better than synthetic materials. However, be careful as soft fabrics such as silk or satin may stain. Another method is to apply perfume to a stone or perfume plaster and place it in a closet or drawer. A subtle scent will permeate all your clothes.

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