Leni Klum’s Beauty Looks: This is How You Can Achieve Her 3 Most Beautiful Make-Up Trends For The Holidays

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Stunningly beautiful! Model Leni Klum enchants us on Instagram sometimes with natural make-up like mom Heidi Klum , sometimes glamorous with red lips. We have put together step-by-step instructions with the right products for each of the hot makeup trends in 2023. This means you can easily style Leni’s looks at home.

The eldest daughter of Erste Group Boss Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres and GNTM boss Heidi Klum is just getting started in the modeling business when she reveals her surprising plans for the future : in 15 years she wants to be married and have two children. And at work? She sees herself working more in interior design than on the catwalk full-time. Her instinct for trends will certainly be useful to her in both areas. Until then, we’ll continue to be inspired by Leni Klum’s outfits  and her most beautiful make-up looks. You can find out how you can do your make-up in Leni’s style here.  

Make-up look 1: Into beauty heaven with “Cloud Skin”.

The must-wear when it comes to make-up for years: a radiant glow! The literal highlight of the hype was the Korean glass skin trend , with skin that looked like it was covered in glass. A dull complexion, which influencer and model Leni Klum also wears, is currently in vogue again. And the trend already has a name: Cloud Skin. The focus is on soft skin – soft like a cloud. The boundaries between foundation , blush and bronzer appear slightly blurred. So quickly grab your brush for Leni’s heavenly beauty secret!

This is how you achieve the “Cloud Skin” look à la Leni Klum

  1. Even though hardly any highlighter is used in this make-up look, the skin still shines from within. To do this, it needs one thing above all else: moisture . A hydrating day cream like the “Hydra-Essentiall [HA²] Crème légère désaltérante” from Clarins is ideal as a base.
  2. Now apply a velvety foundation with luminosity, such as the “Dior Forever Natural Velvet – Longwear Compact Foundation”. Simply apply with the included sponge. Tip: Work from the center of the face outwards.
  3. Dab the powder very subtly along the outer jawline, on the temples, under the hairline, on the sides of the nose and, if necessary, on the chin and blend carefully. This creates the typical fluffy cloud effect on the face. Transparent textures like Shiseido’s “Syncho Skin Invisible Silk Loose Powder” reduce shine and also act as a softener on the skin.
  4. A little blush or bronzer accentuates your cheek area. Do you want to look fresh? Apply some blush to the highest point of your cheeks. Anyone who wants a defined contour , on the other hand, uses bronzer and applies it as a shade below the cheek from the hairline towards the mouth. Like this today, like this tomorrow? No problem with the “Putty Blush & Bronzer Duo” from stila, it has both in it.
  5. The eyebrows form the frame of the face with every make-up, so always draw them naturally. Special brow powders such as the “Clean ID Mineral Brow Powder Duo” from Catrice with variable coverage are suitable for this.
  6. A little mascara like the “Natural Lengthening Mascara Deep Black” from Artdeco lengthens the eyelashes. It also makes you look fuller, but still very natural. A light eyeliner such as “Colour Excess Gel Pencil Eye Liner Full Sleeve” from Mac Cosmetics on the waterline visually enlarges the eye. Extra tip : Highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, such as the “Egret Glow Stick Firm Highlighter” from Lush, gives a awake look.
  7. A matte nude lipstick, like the “Velvet Touch Lipstick 001 Matt Baby Lips” from Gosh, completes the look.

Make-up look to fall in love with – “Glossy Lips”

Wow styling for winter! Leni knows how to do it and uses seductively shiny lips in bright coral red for her make-up. Subtly shimmering highlighter and soft apple cheeks complement the winter look. Simple eye make-up with defined brows and eyelashes brings out the eyes. The result: A natural everyday look that works anytime and anywhere – for lunch with friends, shopping or a party on the weekend.

Step by step to Leni’s winter look:

  1. Apply a day cream before makeup to keep the skin hydrated. Let it absorb well!
  2. Cream textures like the “Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation-Balm” from KVD Beauty are best worked in with a (damp) sponge. Apply from the inside out and follow the direction of growth of the fine facial hairs so that they do not stand up.
  3.  Powder blusher in a soft rosé like the “Bye Bye Pores Blush Sweet Cheeks” from it cosmetics perfects the look. To do this, place some color with a large kabuki brush on the highest point of the cheeks and blend gently.
  4. Then use a slanted brush to apply the highlighter to the highest part of the cheekbone.
  5. A small amount of highlighter also works well in the inner corners of the eyes. However, a highlighter in pen form like the “Touch Éclat Le Stylo Highlter Pen” from Yves Saint Laurent is much easier to apply. This can also be used to emphasize the hollow of the upper lip and along the outer third below the eyebrow.
  6. For the perfect make-up look, tired eyes need to be concealed and made to shine again. First, the eyelashes are curled upwards with an eyelash curler. This automatically opens the view. Then apply a layer of lengthening and volumizing mascara such as the “5in1 Hybrid Mascara” from M.Asam. For an immediate “hello-awake look” there is only one pro trick left: apply light eyeliner such as the “Inliner Kajal Waterline” from IsaDora to the lower waterline. To do this, gently pull the lower eyelid down and move the pencil back and forth until the desired intensity is achieved.
  7. Don’t forget the eyebrows, as they frame the face. For the make-up look, simply brush the hairs on top with a tinted fixing gel such as the “Fluffy Brow Filler” from Kess. This gives fullness and adds color at the same time. Smaller gaps in the brows can easily be repaired with an eyebrow pencil such as the “Brow Mircorpen” from fleeky.
  8. A primer or powder on the lips allows the gloss texture to adhere better. Before applying the color, line the lips with a lip liner such as Sephora Cosmetics N°1 Bright Coral Mini Liner. Gloss and lipliner should have the same color, so it’s best to buy from the same brand. Then apply the lip gloss, such as “Outrageous Plump Effect Gloss Coral Flash” from Sephora Collection, evenly to the upper and lower lips. Expert tip: It’s best to spread the gloss from the middle to the corners of your mouth.

Makeup look 3: Classic vintage look in 50s style

Back to the Future! With sensual red and elegant black, Leni Klum catapults the make-up look of the 1950s back to the forefront of current make-up trends. A flawless complexion combined with thick, deep black eyelashes and provocative red lips – that was the trademark of icons like Liz Taylor and Brigitte Bardot. Do you also want to bring out your inner Hollywood diva? Go ahead! Because today the make-up look is no longer just something for fine occasions, but can also be worn on a date and even easily in everyday life.

This is how you do Leni Klum’s retro look:

  1. Here, too, care should not be missing under make-up to prevent the skin from drying out. Then apply the foundation, for example “Double Wear Stay in Place Make-up SPF 10” from Estée Lauder, with a brush. Ideally, the make-up combines with the care product without crumbling and creates an even complexion.
  2. Apply highlighter to the highest point of the cheeks and blend gently. The last third below the eyebrow can also be emphasized with highlighter. This visually lifts the brow and opens the view.
  3. Comb the eyebrows in the direction of the forehead with a brush, such as the “Charcoal Brow Brush” from Douglas Collection, and then line them with a pencil such as the “Brow Collection Prescisely, My Brow Penicl” from Benefit, which has a particularly fine tip.
  4. In this makeup look, the color will not show through if the lips are chapped. Therefore, lip care is essential. If necessary, first use a lip scrub such as: B. Apply “Sugar Lip Scrub” from Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner. Then treat the delicate skin with lip care such as Susanne Kaufmann’s “Lip Balm”.
  5. To ensure that the color lasts a long time and doesn’t run, we recommend a primer like “Prep + Prime Lip” from MAC Cosmetics. Please only dab a small amount of it on, too much will distort the red tone.
  6. For perfect red lips, first outline them with a lip liner in the same red or a maximum of one tone darker. Now apply the lipstick, a classic like “Rouge Dior Velvet 999”, either with a brush or directly. Don’t forget the corners of the mouth so that the upper and lower lips are visually connected.
  7. No makeup look looks good with lipstick on your teeth. Press your lips together on a tissue. Then form an O with your lips and wrap it tightly around your thumb. When you pull it out, excess lipstick may still remain on your finger – and can no longer settle on your teeth. Don’t forget to wash your hands! To fix the color and for a matt finish, divide a handkerchief into thin layers and dust with tightly bound loose powder.
  8. This is how you master the supreme discipline of make-up: For a classic eyeliner, first lift your head slightly and look into the mirror with your eyes half-open. Place eyeliner in the middle of the eyelid and move it very close to the lash line to the outer corner of the eye. Restless hand? Then simply rest your elbow on the dressing table. To create a cat-eye eyeliner, draw a small triangle in the outer corner of the eye, which is then colored in. Doesn’t work? Then simply stick some make-up tape on the outer corner of your eye and run eyeliner along it. Before removing the transparent tape, allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
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