Calcium Deficiency: 9 Signs The Body Needs More Milk

Put in your daily diet with oranges, cereals such as oats, rice, skimmed milk and yogurt, vegetables such as arugula, artichokes, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, radicchio, radishes, fish such as sardines and salmon, chia seeds, almonds.
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It is not always easy to recognize all these nutrients that our diet needs. For example calciumCalcium deficiency is very common especially in women, but it is difficult to detect. It is a fact that most people stop getting enough calcium after elementary school.

What causes calcium deficiency?

Research shows that a diet low in calcium, vitamin D and potassium can lead to health problems. Calcium is essential for the health of bones, teeth and muscles, but also for the skin. Although it is considered one of the most important metals, there is a great shortage. It is estimated that half of the world’s population suffers from calcium deficiency, according to nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Uma Naidoo. In fact, the shortage rate is found at 30% among men and 60% among women aged 19 and over .

It is also important to emphasize that the majority of people who are deficient in calcium do not know it.

The 9 symptoms in the body

So as it is not easy to know more about the specific subject, initially you should check your values ​​through blood tests. But you can also pay attention to some symptoms that are a bell.

Brittle and thin nails

Dry, flaky skin

Hair loss more intense than usual



Teeth that wear down

Leg cramps

Tugging in the lips and hands or feet

Poor thyroid and liver function

Of course, these are the initial symptoms as the lack of calcium, if not treated, can lead to osteoporosis and osteopenia, so a visit to a specialist doctor will be necessary.

A diet rich in calcium

Increasing the amount of calcium you get daily is fairly easy, as long as you make some changes to your diet.

Why should you limit it?

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