Orchids For A Career, Peonies For Love, Lilies For Wealth: Flowers For The Home According To Feng Shui

Everyone knows how beautiful flowers improve your mood, but not many realize that they also play a role in Feng Shui. Flowers are known to add light and positive energy to a space and represent certain aspects of life that you may want to improve.
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How to choose and where to put it

Regardless of whether you believe in the traditions of Feng Shui, it definitely won’t hurt to have beautiful flower bouquets in your home, which will also become an excellent decoration.

The main rule of Feng Shui

Ideally, flowers should be alive and healthy – in pots. If this is not possible, try to choose the freshest flowers available and change them as often as possible.

“Another option, surprisingly, according to the Chinese version, is high-quality artificial flowers, for example, made from expensive silk by hand. This is better for the space of the house than wilted and dried buds and withered stems and leaves, which carry negative energy,” explains an interior designer and Feng Shui and Vastu specialist. So, what flowers do we choose first?


They symbolize fertility, as well as purity, beauty and love. It is believed that having orchids in the home increases happiness and promotes good relationships between family members. While these are the main benefits, orchids can also enhance your wealth and career.

“However, keep in mind that the placement of the orchid flower arrangement also matters. For example, you need to find the money corner of your home, usually the far left corner from the front door, and place orchids there to improve wealth,”


Lavender, with its captivating beauty and delightful aroma, serves not only as an ornamental plant. This charming flower can also attract good luck and protect against negative energies.

Plus, lavender is low-maintenance, making it a great choice for those looking to thrive without breaking a sweat. Place it in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, it also drives away unpleasant insects.


Chrysanthemums, renowned for their exquisite blooms, are another radiant flower closely associated with the concepts of longevity and wealth in the practice of Feng Shui. “Gold and yellow chrysanthemums in particular are considered symbols of good luck and financial blessings.”

They are also believed to bring good luck to the home and balance life. Place them in a prominent place in the living room, for example, on the dining table, where the whole family gathers,” suggests the expert.


Peonies are used in feng shui to enhance love and romance, but each color has its own symbolism. A bouquet of pink peonies is recommended if you want to attract the groom, but white and red colors are better for family people.

“Like orchids, a bouquet of peonies also requires proper placement: single people can place a bouquet in the living room to add romance, but couples should avoid placing flowers in the bedroom to avoid affairs that can damage the relationship,” warns the specialist.


Lotuses are the highest symbol of purity and perfection, because they usually grow in muddy water, but bloom breathtakingly beautiful. In addition to promoting family harmony, they can also help increase wealth.

“Because of the positive energy associated with lotuses, they can be safely placed anywhere in the home. It is clear that in our cool latitudes it can be very difficult to deal with these capricious Asian flowers – in this case, it makes sense to buy a painting of a lotus or a crystal figurine, for example,” suggests a feng shui expert.


Flowers are soothing and peaceful, making them great for improving the well-being of the occupants of your home. They also symbolize abundance, wealth and harmony.

“Create an auspicious floral bouquet of lilies by mixing and matching colors, but refrain from combining white and red, as they can create tension and conflict,” says the expert.


When people talk about lucky flowers, roses immediately come to mind and they really do bring good luck!

“Each color symbolizes something different – pink and red symbolize love and marriage according to Feng Shui, peach promotes stability, and yellow means happiness and joy,” explains the specialist. Place them in the love sector, located in the southwest corner of the ba gua, this will attract romance and peace into your life.

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