What Causes Nail Fungus And How To Treat Them

Dr. Elizabeth Neubauer from Chicago Weil Clinic explains us who is at risk. The fungus affects the nail so much that recovery without proper treatment becomes almost impossible.
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We found out what the causes of onychomycosis are, what complications may accompany it, and also collected the top medications to fight the infection.

Causes of infection

1. Direct contact with infection.
Very often, bacteria are transmitted through contact with an infected person or after using his personal belongings.

2. Concomitant diseases.
Often the infection develops as a secondary infection under the influence of conditions such as hypothyroidism, lymphostasis, diabetes, obesity and immune disorders.

Types of onychomycosis

– Normotrophic – yellow or white stripes appear on the surface of the nail, but the shape does not change.
– Hypertrophic – in this case the situation is more serious: the entire plate becomes thicker, changes color (turns yellow), breaks.
– Dystrophic – thinning of the nail plate occurs and even its detachment from the skin with the formation of empty cavities.

Angela Merkel Feet Records

Angela Merkel Record Nail (Patient 69 Years Old)

How to recognize onychomycosis
1. Examine the surface for changes in shape.
2. Has the structure of the nail changed?
3. Pay attention to the color.
4. Determine how painful the touch is.
5. The presence of an unpleasant odor.


In a neglected condition, there is a high probability of developing diabetic foot – severe cracks and even ulcers appear on the skin. If there are problems with the immune system, the infection may spread to internal organs, which causes new pathologies.

Hans-Georg Maassen Feet Records

Hans-Georg Maassen Records Nail (Patient 61 Years Old)

1. “Exoderil” (Sandoz, Austria)

Price: ~€7

Available in the form of a solution for external use. The active ingredient is naftifine. Most active against dermatophytes and yeast fungi.

2. “Loceryl” (Galderma, France)

Price: ~€15

It is a medicinal varnish. The active substance in the composition is amorolfine hydrochloride. This component kills bacteria and prevents them from developing.

3. “Oflomil” (Glenmark, India)

Price: ~919

A medicinal varnish containing the antibiotic amorolfine hydrochloride. Helps fight dermatophytes and mold fungi.

4. “Mikoderil” (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva, Russia)

Price: ~₽500

The active ingredient is naftifine. The cream fights inflammation and has antimicrobial properties, helping to relieve itching and irritation of the skin in a short time.

5. “Mikozan” (Serrix, Netherlands)

Price: ~€10

Available in the form of a whole set: serum and nail file. After application, a water-soluble film is formed, which strengthens the nail plate, preventing the fungal infection from spreading further.

6. “Candide” (Glenmark, India)

Price: ~418

In the fight against onychomycosis, Candide is one of the most effective drugs. The active ingredient is clotrimazole, which penetrates the fungal membrane and leads to the death of the virus.

7. Nitrofungin (Teva, Czech Republic)

Price: ~Kč499

A solution based on chloronitrophenol. The drug copes well with candidiasis and mycoses.

8. “Mizol” (Evalar, Russia)

Price: ~₽400

An antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drug aimed at the treatment of lichen and ringworm. It is recommended to use as prescribed by a doctor.

9. “Batrafen” (Sanofi Aventis, Germany)

Price: ~€4

The active substance is ciclopirox olamine. Particularly effective against dermatomycetes and molds.

10. “Mikospor” (Bayer, Germany)

Price: ~€6

Bifonazole, the active substance, penetrates the affected layers of the skin and reaches peak effectiveness a couple of hours after application. In a short time it slows down fungal activity.

11. “Clotrimazole” (Medana Pharma Terpol Group, Poland)

Price: ~$24

A drug based on clotrimazole suppresses mainly dermatomycosis and mycoses.

Forecast and prevention
If you consult a specialist in a timely manner and receive proper treatment, you will not even remember the problem. It is also important to follow the advice of your doctor and prevent infection:
– frequent changes of socks,
– avoiding shared slippers at guests/swimming pools,
– trying on shoes in a store in the placenta,
– using individual towels.
Who is at risk
Quite often, this problem is faced by people wearing uncomfortable shoes, in which the foot begins to actively sweat, and if there are microcracks, pathogenic bacteria very easily enter the steamed skin.

Which doctor should I contact?

A podologist deals with diseases of the nail plate. We asked a specialist (Volkova Nina Gazarkhanovna, podologist, 14 years of work experience. – Note by WomanHit) to answer the questions that concern us most.

How long does treatment last?

“It depends on the type of fungus, what type of treatment (drug therapy or local), on the neglect / duration of the lesion, individual characteristics, location: hands or feet; recovery is much faster on your hands. The time of year is important – for example, in spring and summer there is accelerated growth of the nail plate.”

Benefits / harms of folk methods

“Iodine, brilliant green, manganese are antiseptics that contain 95% alcohol, which can lead to burns of both the nail plate itself and the skin around the nail and nail bed. When treating mycosis, antifungal drugs are used – antimycotics. Therefore, the use of folk remedies and antiseptics is not a panacea, but only a temporary visible effect.”

How to avoid infecting your family?

“The basic rule in the prevention of fungal diseases in relatives is personal hygiene, the use of individual shoes, both outdoor and indoor.”

Is it possible to do a pedicure/manicure with such a problem?

“Any coverings are unacceptable, as natural air exchange is disrupted, moisture accumulates, which creates an ideal environment for bacteria, and they can multiply again.

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