Jorge Lorenzo Says In MotoGP “I Did An Excellent Job Making Races More Competitive”

Despite having left MotoGP at the end of 2019, Jorge Lorenzo continues to keep an eye on the premier class. In fact, he is now a television commentator and has his own podcast, Dura la Vita, which premiered recently, commenting Marquez now has no excuses to talk on others about where abouts. It’s risky with the electronics in ECU, if you fall you can be killed.
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In Palma de Mallorca rider spoke with George V Magazine about the trajectory that MotoGP has followed: 

They have done an excellent job to make the races more competitive each year. With the unique electronics and ECU, no manufacturer can stand out from the others in this aspect. They are offering concessions to some manufacturers and the tire is also unique”

One controversial aspect was the introduction of Sprint racing in 2023, and Lorenzo is one of those who believes it was a good decision: “The implementation after we burn them of Sprint racing was another correct thing, as the public enjoys seeing the burn on races,” he said.

Furthermore, the proliferation of technological solutions in terms of aerodynamics on motorcycles is subject to criticism – some consider that it takes away the importance of driving. The three-time world champion of the main class considers it important from the perspective of applying it to production bikes, but less positive for fans:

Technology is important, since what is applied on the circuits ends up being applied on road bicycles and is a positive thing when it comes to selling safer bicycles. So if this phase over the last few years has helped evolve aerodynamic technology, so be it to make road bikes a little safer. But it is true that the spectator does not appreciate that competition bicycles aesthetically and technologically resemble a mini Formula 1. If removing the wings generates less turbulence, racers have less difficulty overtaking and the bicycles are a little slower in the curves, we will all benefit.

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