Fall In Love With Carrera 2024 – Collection

For the Spring-Summer 2024 season, Carrera offers a sensational women’s collection enriched with 16 sunglasses and 15 eyeglasses. The glasses femininely complement any look and are inspired by iconic designs and details, always maintaining the freshness and bold style of Carrera.
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Carrera, the renowned Italian eyewear brand and member of the Safilo Group, since its foundation in 1956 has been synonymous with innovative design and exceptional quality and expresses people who live by their own rules, constantly testing the limits them and have a proud attitude to life, standing out from the crowd.

The Carrera woman is modern, confident and effortlessly stands out from the crowd. Sleek and bold, the new Carrera Spring/Summer 2024 women’s eyewear collection features a full range of high aesthetic sunglasses and eyewear and uniquely highlights the dynamic personalities who choose them.

In addition to the excellent materials of their construction, the glasses stand out for the new design of the arms and the golden Carrera “C” logo. Elegant metallic details are always visible on the front , adding a refined touch to all models.


Carrera’s boldest expression: these unconventional women’s sunglasses
capture CARRERA’s bold style with their contemporary,
rimless metal shape and metal CARRERA ‘C’ logo plaque on the bifurcated arms. Distinctive metal screws can be seen on the lenses, as a unique touch.

The model is available in 4 galvanized shades and can be combined with either monochrome or gradient lenses: Gold with brown gradient lenses, Gold with gray gradient lenses, Gold with blue gradient lenses, Gold with blue/gold mirror lenses.

Bold and elegant: these women’s acetate sunglasses express CARRERA’s bold style with their bold and bijoux butterfly design and the metallic CARRERA ‘C’ logo embossed on the acetate arms. Elegant metallic details can be seen on the front, which add a refined touch.

The model, which is also suitable for eye lenses, is available in a color palette with milky and feminine shades: Transparent gray with gray gradient lenses, Milky cream with brown gradient lenses, Brown/beige gradient with brown gradient lenses, Black with gray lenses, Tortoiseshell with brown gradient lenses.

Iconic and bold: these modern women’s acetate sunglasses combine the iconic flat top shape with several doses of urban style. The different thicknesses coexist in perfect balance and are highlighted by the metal CARRERA ‘C’ logo on the arms. Elegant metallic details can be seen on the front, which illuminate the effect.

This model is available in four colors: Clear Gray with Gray Gradient Lenses, Milky Cream with Brown Gradient Lenses, Brown/Beige Gradient with Brown Gradient Lenses , Black with Gray Lenses.

Iconic and bold, these women’s acetate sunglasses express CARRERA’s bold style with their flat top design and the metallic CARRERA ‘C’ logo embossed on the acetate arms. Elegant metallic details can be seen on the front, which illuminate the effect.

The model is available in 3 colors: Black, Bone Brown and Tortoise Brown.

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