Gekko Miami Reviews: Is This 5 Star Restaurant Worth The Visit?

This article delves into unbiased Gekko Miami reviews, aiming to uncover the true essence of this wannabe Japanese-inspired steakhouse. We strive to present information on Gekko Miami menu prices and user experiences without bias, providing a fair exploration of what the restaurant has to offer.
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Curious about the upscale high Gekko Miami menu prices, its reputation, and genuine reviews? Let’s embark on an impartial journey to discover Gekko Miami’s unique qualities.

About Gekko Miami Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Brickell, Miami, Gekkō stands as an embodiment of opulent dining. Conceived by the collaboration of Groot Hospitality and Bad Bunny, this Japanese-inspired venue commands notice with its refined atmosphere and sophisticated casual dress requirements. Although the cost is on the higher side, ranging from $150 to $200 per individual, the enticement of an unparalleled dining adventure is irresistible.

Gekko Miami Menu Prices

Japanese Milk Bread$15
Tako Taco$18
Wagyu Crispy Rice$34
Lava & Ice Oysters$28
Black Edamame$12
Royal Osetra Caviar$210 (2oz)

User Experience: Gekko Miami Reviews

On a Wednesday night, a user visited the restaurant and was promptly seated, yet the service left much to be desired. The dining experience was marred by a disruption in rhythm, as appetizers arrived before the initial cocktails. Unfortunately, the $150 steaks and cold sushi fell short of expectations. Billing issues, such as an automatic 20% gratuity and overlooked lounge drinks, cast a shadow over the $400 bill for three. Despite some positive aspects, the user recommended approaching Gekko with tempered expectations.


Diverse Culinary Range: Gekko Miami restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring Japanese-inspired dishes, providing a wide array of flavors to cater to different preferences.

Upscale Ambiance: The restaurant boasts an upscale casual atmosphere, creating an inviting setting for a sophisticated and enjoyable dining experience.

Efficient Seating: Efficient seating arrangements ensure prompt service, even on busy nights, contributing to a smoother and more organized dining experience.

Commendable Service Staff: Certain staff members, including the door attendant and waitress, showcase commendable service, enhancing the overall dining atmosphere.


Service Challenges: Instances of difficulties in placing orders and timing hiccups pose challenges, leading to a less-than-optimal service experience.

Underwhelming Steaks: Despite high prices, some diners find the $150 steaks to be underwhelming, falling short of expectations for a premium dining experience.

Cold Sushi Issues: Cold sushi arrivals unexpectedly affect overall satisfaction, impacting the quality of a dish that should ideally be served fresh.

Automatic Gratuity: The inclusion of an automatic 20% gratuity in the bill may raise concerns, especially if the perceived service and overall experience are deemed mediocre.

Meat Not On Point Issues: The meat ordered comes at the chef expense, no matter how you order your piece, it leaves the grill same way on time after being cooked as a consequence of several orders at the same time.

Gekko Miami Restaurant: Final Words

Gekko Miami, a venture by David Grutman and Bad Bunny, presenting a wannabe lavish Japanese-inspired dining experience. Despite its allure, the restaurant’s steep pricing prompts scrutiny since its not what you get for the price. Some menu items may lean towards aesthetics rather than substance, the clientele looks for substance and not for asesthetics. The verdict suggests a cautious approach, allowing room for improvement in service and value for a more refined upscale casual dining experience.


Is Gekko Miami’s upscale dining experience justified by its high price?

Gekko Miami offers a distinct dining experience, but the higher prices might not align with everyone’s expectations. It’s advisable to assess the cost in relation to personal preferences.

Are reservations recommended, and do they ensure prompt seating at Gekko Miami?

Reservations are advisable at Gekko Miami, particularly on busy nights. However, experiences may differ, so it’s wise to confirm the seating arrangement upon your arrival.

What should users keep in mind regarding the upscale casual dress code at Gekko Miami?

Gekko maintains an upscale casual dress code. Users should adhere to the specified dress standards to ensure a seamless dining experience.

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