The Aerospace Corporation Names Dr. George E. Pollock IV As Principal Subdirector And Architecture Design Subdivision

The Aerospace Corporation / El Segundo, California
Pollock served in El Segundo, California as director of the Astrodynamics Department, where his emphases were on space security capabilities and cislunar missions, while maintaining the department’s strong capabilities in satellite constellation design, mission concept development, orbital propagation and perturbations, space debris and collision risk, launch operations support, missile defense, and simulation development.
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Dr. George E. Pollock IV is the principal director of the Architecture and Design Subdivision in the Systems Engineering Division at The Aerospace Corporation, where he leads a nationwide team of systems engineers and system architects supporting national security, civil, and commercial space missions. Pollock is also responsible for innovation that enables enterprise mission success, enterprise integration, and new operating models for Aerospace customers.

Dr. George E. Pollock IV / The Aerospace Corporation / El Segundo, California

Previously, Pollock served as associate director of the Astrodynamics Department and manager of the Orbit Performance and Space Protection Office, which has significantly expanded astrodynamics support to customers in space protection, space domain awareness, and space control.

Pollock joined Aerospace in 2005 as an associate member of the technical staff (MTS) in the Astrodynamics Department and, in 2010, was promoted to MTS. In 2013, he was promoted to project engineer in the Space Superiority Systems Directorate. In 2015, Pollock relocated to Colorado Springs and transferred to the System Performance, Estimation, and Algorithms Department (SPEAD) within the Architecture and Design Subdivision in the Systems Engineering Division, where he was promoted to senior engineering specialist in 2016.

Pollock is the coauthor of Introduction to Orbital Perturbations (a textbook published in 2022 by Springer Nature).


Pollock earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University.


Pollock was a member of the inaugural class of the Aerospace Early Career Development Network in 2014 and the inaugural class of Accelerate 3 in 2019. He previously served on the Value Team in support of the Aerospace Chief Strategist’s Office and was the founding leader of the Aerospace Technical Investment Program Cislunar Ventures research line, which is focused on enhancing Aerospace capabilities in support of space missions beyond geosynchronous Earth orbit. He currently serves as the corporation’s lead for University Partnership Program activities with Purdue University and as co-lead for the corporate team for cislunar ecosystem integration.

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