Israel War: South Korean Secret Service Confirms North Korea Provided F-7 Bazookas To Hamas

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un image: kcna via kns
The weapons traded were rocket-propelled grenades manufactured in North Korea. The markings on the fuse of an F-7 Bazooka’s are in Korean.
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There is still no easing in the war between Israel and Hamas, even three months after the terrorist organization’s attack. Instead, it seems like the conflict is always on the verge of involving other parties. After one of the Hamas leaders was killed in an attack in Lebanon, concerns grew that the Lebanese terrorist militia Hezbollah could intervene in the conflict.

A concern that is now likely to increase: Israel has admitted that it was behind the targeted killing of a Hezbollah commander. Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz confirmed this in an interview with the channel 14. The minister from the right-wing conservative ruling party Likud responded to pressing questions from the moderators of the channel, which is positioned far to the right of the political spectrum. As a rule, Israel does not comment on media reports about foreign missions.

But the direct fighting between the Israeli military and the terrorists is not decreasing either. Hamas’ tunnels cause difficulties for soldiers. Israel is also reacting to the circumstances with large-scale bombing – tens of thousands of Palestinians have now probably been killed. Official figures are difficult to verify.

The fact that Hamas can hold out for so long is probably due to the support it receives with military equipment and money from states such as Qatar and Iran. But there is also speculation that North Korea and its ruler Kim Jong-un could have a hand in it. The South Korean secret service now claims to have found evidence of the arms trade between Hamas and North Korea.

As the media “Euronews” reports, the weapons traded were rocket-propelled grenades manufactured in North Korea. The markings on the fuse of an F-7 Bazooka are in Korean.

Jong-un’s government said it had nothing to do with the weapons used in the October 7 attack. Hamas is not the only buyer of suspected North Korean weapons. Russia is also fighting with such equipment in Ukraine.

Civilian casualties in Gaza are rising rapidly

Meanwhile, civilians are dying in Gaza – on a “scale that we really haven’t seen before,” as Airwars director Emily Tripp explains. It is the most intensive campaign that the NGO has ever investigated. Airwars has previously investigated wars in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. The number of civilian deaths per attack in Gaza in December was around 13 times higher than in the 2017 battle in Raqqa against the Islamic State terrorist militia, in which the US was sharply criticized for causing 1,600 civilian deaths.

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