Prince Jorge ‘George’ Jimenez Neubauer Torres V

He known as Prince Johann George V born on 16 of February 1987 in Tützpatz, Germany is the Crown Prince of Hanover, Windsor, Prussia & Spain. He has a diversified personal net worth of $6.7 billion.
Neubauer Coporation
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Prince Jorge ‘George’ Jiménez Neubauer Torres V, KG, KT, KCB, known as Prince Johann George V born on 16 of February 1987 in Tützpatz, Germany is the Crown Prince of Hanover, Windsor, Prussia & Spain. He is the second in line in the Kingdom of Hanover, six in line of Kingdom of Spain as Prince of Asturias and nine in line as Prince in the House of Windsor and second in line in the Kingdom of Prussia.

Prince Jorge V married actress Jennifer Aniston on May 10, 2024, in the presence of their attorneys in Los Angeles, Ca. The couple have been trying to have a child for five years now. He is also privately married in royal household to Mary, the Queen of Denmark when she was a Princess on May 11, 2023 in their Royal families. 

Founded in 2023, by Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres V as President, and Chief Executive Officer, Neubauer Artists began as a small group of Artist with a roster of 200 artists and expanding to 700 and 900 then to 1,200 artists in less than two months harmonizing the film industry, music industry and model representation. Since the foundation we have grown into a full-fledged entertainment agency. 


He founded Neubauer Artists in 2023 as Limited Liability Company as the founder and owner. Neubauer Artists operates as a full fledge artist representative cooperative agency between a network of artists and colleagues which he represents and is very proud of them, making and marking them as the best elite and most important agency in the entertainment industry in the world. 

Jorge has a 6 month old newborn with his ex-girlfriend Esra Eczacıbaşı, a businesswoman in Turkey. They both decided to name their daughter Emily Eczacıbaşı Jiménez. He is the biological father of Helene ‘Leni Klum’ Boshoven Samuel, with Heidi Klum, a German supermodel. He conceived a daughter with Hilton heiress Nicholai Olivia Hilton named Theodora Marilyn Rothschild. Their daughter name is a hommage to Jorge’s mother Marilyn Torres Santiago and Nicky’s paternal grandmother Marilyn June Hawley.


He is the founder George V Magazine, VMUSIC.VIP and owner and Chief Executive Officer of Nuebauer Artists an agency that promotes over 1,200 Actresses in Hollywood and Europe Studios, Model Management, and Record Artists in the music industry and exercises as the Director of Global Operations of Island Records and Island Records Belgium. Owner of GetJet, Stradivarius, President of China’s NET EASE INC, and Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Parkland Corporation.



He is a businessman and worked for BMW, Zurich Insurance, Deutsche Bank and, Deutsche Telekom. In Deutsche Bank he was an advisor to its CFO and responsible for restructure of the bank and stabilized its equity, revenue, net income, and assets by using a micro and macro formula for the next years and overseeing the changes of behavior of the bank. In Zurich Insurance he applied a broad a macro structure design on the financials of the company and its broad finances and stabilized. In Deutsche Telekom he developed 5G Network frequencies map in Germany and Europe and later sold the frequencies at auction. He is also co-owner of Bayern Munich with 15% of shares and Bayer Leverkusen with 15% of shares with a total of 30% in both organizations and 100% owner of Bauer Media Publishing UK and Neubauer Artists.

In 2016, he founded the multinational charter airline ‘GetJet‘ based in Lithuania that provides service in all Europe. 

In 2021, he was named the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Parkland Corporation. A Canadian energy and retail company. Parkland operates gas stations under the Pioneer, Columbia Fuels, Ultramar, Chevron, and Fas Gas Plus brands, as well as franchised Esso locations. Jorge also sits on the board of Walt Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century, IMG Models, Universal, Sony Pictures, and LIONSGATE Studios as Sub-Chairman, and President with a hundred percent of voting rights in all film studios. 

He owns the women retail fashion clothing chain Stradivarius with 930 stores in over 62 countries and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. The clothing brand has a revenue of €2,241 billion as of 2023. He is also the owner of 032c Magazine based in Berlin, Germany.

He is the owner of 24 FASHION TV, the biggest fashion database, social media, & television outlet available on ROKU TV, Amazon Fire, & iOS available on  in Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and South America.

He has released multiple artistry merchandise around the world under his name and signature such as perfumes, deodorants, women and male clothing, as well as shoes.

He designed his own clothing line with Louis Vuitton called “Denim LV Remix Inspired Capsule” launched on February, 2024. In a statement, Louis Vuitton said the collection “builds upon its iconic legacy of Jacobs, one that is linked to a trend-setting period in culture by the hand of Prince Johann George V whose real name is Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres”

He founded 160 / 90 an award-winning cultural marketing agency that elevates brands by creating ideas for the world to obsess over and shared moments where people feel something real. It’s a full fledged cultural marketing agency fully paired  and integrated to Neubauer Artists with presence and offices in New YorkLALondonTokyoDubaiShanghaiChicagoAtlantaSan FranciscoPhillySt. LouisCharlotteSydney, Singapore, & Hong Kong.

In February, 2023 he took position of  primary source of content, communications, online services, commerce, and technology in China and Hong Kong as President of China’s NET EASE INC [163.COM] an Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications, and commerce and MUSIC.163.COM streaming platform a sub-division of NetEase Inc. After a settlement on investments for $700 million he was named the major shareholder with a 70% shares of the total company and positioned as President as part of the deal. He took control over MUSIC.163.COM, the major music streaming platform of NET EASE INC which currently has 766 Million active subscribers and is the first and most used platform in China and overseas by the Asian diaspora. It’s the biggest music streaming service in Asia by subscriber and market value compared to any western services competition combined.


After collaborations with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Adele, Ellie Goulding, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, Whitney Houston, ABBA, Marvin Gaye, Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Louis Tomlinson, Hailey Steinfeld, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, Julie Bergan, Georgia Ku, Clara Mae, Leony, Audrey Gallagher & Astrid S. He became the most streamed artist on international airwaves according to Nielsen Measurement from 2019 to the present, and in 2023 generating 160 billion streams in only nine months and 900 billion in his career lifespan.




Queen Sofia of Spain and Greece is the grandmother of Jorge V through her mother Frederica of Hanover. Princess Olympia of Greece and Hanover grandmother is Anne-Marie a younger sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Olympia’s father is the cousin of Spain King Felipe VI. Felipe VI is second cousin once-removed of Jorge V, King Frederik X of Denmark is the first cousin of Felipe VI and Jorge V is the second cousin once-removed of King Frederik X of Denmark. Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres V is Princess Olympia is first cousin by Queen Sofia of Spain and Greece. Queen Sofia is the first child of Paul of Greece and Queen Frederica of Hanover, Queen of Greece from 1 April 1947 until 6 March 1964 and the wife of King Paul of Greece through House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, better known as the House of Glücksburg, a collateral branch of the German House of Oldenburg and directly related to the United Kingdom rulers Mountbatten-Windsor House Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Queen and Prince of Britain. Olympia Royal lineage relates directly as a first cousin in line to Jorge V by Frederica, Princess of Hanover, Great Britain, Ireland, and Brunswick-Lüneburg who married to King Paul of Greece.

Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres V was first in exile in the EU in United Kingdom in 2006, then in Argentina in 2007, spending a year in Switzerland in 2011 until he returned to his Spanish residence from 2013 until 2015. Despite moving around in the EU region he went back to live in his German residence in 2016 to 2021 for five years after visiting for a short period of time in 2005. Afterwards, he moved back to United States for a short term to ensure a smooth transition while he moved back to the Caribbean after living in two different states for more than nine years. He now lives between United States and the Caribbean traveling back and forth every three months, and traveling around the world once a year when his schedule permits. 


According to the Annuaire Officiel of Monaco Prince Jorge Adrian Jiménez Neubauer Torres V is at the top of the Affaires Juridiques in the micro state of Monaco, France, and Germany. In the following Annuaire Officiel he can exercise control over the juridique of Monaco and Germany but Prince Jorge Jiménez Neubauer Torres V tends not to involve himself within arbitrary decisions in the European states of France, Monaco, and Germany as a consequence because he believes and respect the democracy of an individual tribunal. Prince Jorge Jiménez Neubauer Torres V has sole control over the affaire juridiques in Germany but respects them in order not to interfere with the system of liberal democracy something that has been affected by what he described in United States a pay for play scheme where it affects all ramifications of judicial state.


He served on a joint duty assignment as the Executive Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). In this capacity, he worked with NSA’s Director and Deputy Director and provided leadership in all areas of the enterprise and to represent NSA’s interests both internally and externally. Mr. Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres began his career in the civilian federal service in December of 2007 when he joined the National Security Agency as a NOC-Officer during his NSA tenure Mr. Jimenez Neubauer Torres served in key leadership roles, to include that supported Director, Open Source Enterprise; Deputy Director, NSA Office of Public Affairs (OPA), before joining the Department of Defense, Mr. Jimenez Neubauer Torres served at the same time in the United States Marine Corps as a Station Operator and Air to Surface Duty Officer, with his current rank of Major. His Marine Corps assignments included Missiles Officer including Advanced SATCOM Officer, Marine Corps Cyber Command division for Space and Communications Systems; and, Program Manager/Systems Operator for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Currently Mr. Jimenez Neubauer Torres specifically leads the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) while synchronizing the United States CENTCOM with the latter. He left in good terms but declared the United States is a country of despair. After that stint he was transferred to Puerto Rico to serve as regional director of the National Security Administration (NSA) in which he spent 12 years at the top in the leadership.

He was an analyst for the United States Secret Service as Special Agent in Los Angeles, Field Office. He resigned from USSS after five months of on the job. In his resignation letter he wrote to the director by the hand of his attorney that he “disliked the misguided agenda they lead with total disorganization” and “the incompetence of special agents for not taking their job seriously, which reflects complete unprofessionalism in their training ending up behaving like children in elementary school at their field of work that reflects how unprepared they are without knowledge in their work”. Afterwards, he accepted an offer in the Intelligence Unit from the Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA], at Tampa, Florida Field where he has a residence.


He is the son of Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, a French businesswoman and philanthropist, currently world richest woman and heiress of L’Oréal. He is also the second cousin of French singer Isabelle Geffroy better known as Zaz and half bother of Belgium singer Angèle Van Laeken known as Angèle.  In 1987, after Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres was born, his mother Françoise founded after him the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller, a public-interest charitable organization with aim to give talented people the momentum to contribute to the success in France and promote its influence. 

Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres has a newborn with his ex-girlfriend Esra Eczacıbaşı, daughter of Turkish Pharmaceutical Tycoon Bülent Eczacıbaşı. The Eczacıbaşı family are at the forefront in business in Turkey since 1942 with a private family operated conglomerate that holds more than 50 companies and employ more than 13,500 people, operating 40 production plants with a combined net turnover of ₺33 billion.

He rediscovered his Jewish roots with research he read of two books by his uncle Adolfo Jiménez Benitez “La Lírica Arabigoespañola y las Jarchas Mozárabes”” where found himself in doubt with religion and discovered himself as a Jew after reading “El Cancionero Popular Sefardí y la Tradición Hispánica”. He was raised as a Catholic but changed his position and converted to Judaism after finding official Jewish roots in Israel, and Europe. His premise goes that the ignorance of Christians that Jesus was a devoted Jewish man and after his death and were his apostles who preached through the quire his teachings creating a derivate religion now known as Christianity which separates as the second religion from the three abrahamic religions, with Islam being the third and Judaism the first. The idea of Christianity was to separate from other believers to obtain power, and sustain themselves as a church, another thing he found very hypocrite. They succeeded, now the Church is a micro-state known as the Holy See. The issue very obnoxious that doesn’t match any concept in a dialogue of matter, a religion founded by apostles of followers of a man who was already dead and his faith was Jewish is again hypocrisy, by his apostles who changed his views in the teachings. Nevertheless their idea wasto create another religion branch during that era which now translates as organizational branch to discourse from the view of others when Can’am was Israelite were from a man who was a self-declared Jew. Jesus maintained his Jewish roots even after his death and his followers changed his teachings, even when his was crucified, he called the IMRI. The point of view that no one could change his jewishness but his apostles did after his death to benefit from him as a person. George disagreeing with that rejected the church as a fallacy. That concept is not argument and not for debate because is a fact, it’s a plain deductible logic after you research theology.

His Royal lineage goes back to Second World War when Hitler attacked France and United Kingdom. His house is the richest house in Europe where his mother controls everything within since their wealth came from Swiss banks that were part of his disappeared family after being killed in Auschwitz during WWII. Their wealth came from Swiss banks that were part of his disappeared family after being killed in Auschwitz during WWII.


He has a lot of interest in Arabic and Jewish studies since that was his field of study in college by studying Middle East and Near East Civilizations at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachuseetts from 2007 to 2011 before moving to the University of South Florida on 2012 to 2014 and then moving to Europe for an Erasmus year at University of Granada in Granada, Spain and Portugal in 2013 completing a Bachelors of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies and Near East Civilizations. He is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese with understanding of German. Then in 2015 he proceeded to study at the Universität of Göttingen in Germany in a joint study with University Zurich (UZH) in Switzerland finishing in 2017 a PhD in Sociology, Mathematics, and Physics that invalidated Max Weber in Psychology, Political Sciences, and Mathematics theories using the argument backed by John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau that supports each individual is free and equal against any claims that God had made all people naturally subject to a government or monarch with the conclusion that any political correlation illusion is resolved through mathematical problems leaving any attachment out of premonition and materialism with full accreditation as a PhD after defending his thesis twice and earning the titles of of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science after finishing his practice after finishing his thesis practice in 2019 at the University of Palermo (UP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has said before publicly he only uses the title of doctor in Europe and not in the Americas.


He was born in North-Rhine Westphalia in a small town Tützpatz in Mecklenburg Lake District. He is of Basque, French and German descent and grew up in the Caribbean and United States since he was born after being adopted in Germany. His grandfather Adolf Neubaeur, born in Hamburg, Germany, later changed his named to Adolfo Jimenez Nieves after migrating to United States where he studied in Europe and did politics after 1932 during World War II for the Third Reich. He taught at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Then after escaping Germany without leaving no trace under another identity he taught at Yale University, Maryland University and in the University of Salamanca where he changed his last name. He later moved to the Caribbean to leave no trace of his Nazi past involvement of the war during WWII because he acted as Adolf Hitler liaison since they both had the same name and were easy to confuse with foreign officers. He choose the Caribbean because others were keen and moved to Argentina and Brazil which were considered the common place for Nazi officers to hide out. He found a place in the Caribbean achieving complete cover after a no traditional escape through the Basque port of Spain with his wife at the time a German-Spanish student he married in Germany named Carmen Neubauer Benitez Ortiz. His father kept as secret he was adopted until he reached legal age, Francisco Jiménez Benítez son of Adolfo and Carmen Neubauer Benitez Ortiz named after Francisco Franco and given the nicknamed ‘Nito’ after Benito Mussolini. After his grandfather lived part in the Franco-era in Spain during his studies after moving from Germany on a sabbatical. When Jorge was in the University in Zürich he was sent him to Buenos Aires, Argentina three different times so he could interact with German and Jewish communities to figure out his ancestors in order to get better understanding of his roots. However, on one hand he considers himself Latino American as been raised in United States in a Latin American community and on the other hand, he is very keen to his Jewish European roots after many trips to European countries as a child and as adult where he even found himself going to Germany five times in two years.


He founded with donations the Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt. The Children’s Hospital focuses on Cancer treatment widely known as the best in the Middle East with a unique healthcare institution and as an ultimate example of what can be achieved when people work together for a common goal. The people of Egypt and friends from all over the world and most particularly in the Arab World have contributed generously to the establishment of the hospital which has been completely built by donations. Egyptians from all walks of life rallied around the setting up of a state of the art pediatric oncology hospital to achieve the dream of a better tomorrow for their children with cancer. One day, a young doctor at the Pediatric Department, Prof. Dr. Sherif Abul-Naga at the National Cancer Institute was exposed to a severe tragedy when 13 out of 16 children died in front of him. At that time, the doctor, decided to emigrate to the profession and focused in the creation of the hospital in which Prince Jorge Jiménez Neubauer Torres V helped with its foundation by donating his own money for its creation.


Mr. Jorge Jiménez Neubauer Torres was named on April 28, 2011 one of the Deputy Chairpersons of the DIE LINKE party in Germany, converting him one of the youngest German-Americans born politician to hold that deputy chair seat for 12 years now at the age of 24. The DIE LINKE party holds 29 seats in the Bundestag, 4 seats in the Bundesrat, 118 seats in State Parliaments, 5 in European Parliaments and 1 in Head of State Governments. Jiménez Neubauer Torres is also the owner of ‘Tagesspiegel’ newspaper after buying it in 2021. It’s the second most read newspaper in the capital of Berlin and fifth most read newspaper in Germany.

Also, he bought in 2017 the Hohenwerfen Fortress, located in the outskirts of Salzburg for €2.7 billion under the name Johann “Georg” Jimenez-Cohen-Torres an alias he used so people did not confuse over its property because it was very special to him. He has it registered on his name in the Vienna archives under Prince Jorge “George” Jimenez Neubauer Torres V of Hanover and is the control of the Austrian government for maintenance. The castle was sold on a bid offer.

Reading, Massachusetts

Titles, styles, honors, and arms

  • ???????? Argentina:
    •  Grand Cross of the Order of May of Military Merit
  • ???????? Belgium:
    • Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown
  • ???????? Chile:
    • Isla Rey Jorge; named after him after he was born in 1987 by the British and Russian known as Waterloo Island in May 25, 1987 in Argentina.
  • ????????Brazil:
    •  Grand Cross of the Order of the Southern Cross
  • ???????? Denmark:
    • Knight of the Order of the Elephant
    • Recipient of the Orders, decorations, and medals of Denmark 350th Anniversary Medal of the Royal Danish Life Guards
  • ???????? Greece:
    •  Grand Cross of the Order of the Redeemer
  • ???????? Estonia:
    •  Member 1st Class of the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana
  • ???????? Finland:
    •  Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the White Rose of Finland                  
  • ???????? France:Grand Cross of the National Chivalric order of the Legion of Honour
    • He has a street named after him in France, Rue George (Mapped 16) in Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azu 
  • ???????? Israel:
    •   Israel Defense Forces Rav Seren
  • ???????? Jordan:
    •  Grand Master of the Order of Military Gallantry
  • ????????:  Japan: Grand Cordon (Paulownia) of the Order of the Precious Crown
  • ???????? Mexico:
    • Sash of the Order of the Aztec Eagle
  • ???????? Netherlands:
    • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands
    • Co-Grand Master of the Order of Orange-Nassau 
    •  Co-Grand Master and Knight of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau
  • ???????? Lithuania:
    • Grand Cross of the Order for Merits to Lithuania
  • ????????Luxembourg:
    • Knight of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau
  • ????????Latvia:
    • Commander Grand Cross of th
  • ???????? Norway:
    •  National Service Medal of Norway
  • ???????? Kingdom of Prussia
    • Knight of the Black Eagle
    • Prince of the Kingdom of Prussia
  • ???????? Kingdom of France
    • Knight of the Holy Spirit
  • ???????? Qatar:
    •  Collar of the Order of Independence
  • ???????? Russia:
    •  Knight of the Order of St. Andrew
  • ???????? Saudi Arabia:
    •  Collar of the Order of King Abdulaziz
  • ???????? Sweden:
    •  Knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim
  • ???????? United Kingdom :
    •  Order of the Garter Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (KG)
    •  Order of the Thistle Extra Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle (KT)
    • The Most Honourable Order of the Bath Knight Commander (KCB)
      • Prince of the House of Windsor
    • In United Kingdom he has Two (II) streets named after him:
      • Little George Street named on his first London visit in 2003, between House of Commons and Big Ben.
      • Little George Street in Bristol, England.
  • ????????United Arab Emirates:
    • Grand Cross of the Order of Union
  • Honors
  • ????????  Kingdom of Hanover
    • Order of the Knight of St. George
    • Prince of Hanover
  • ???????? Germany:
    • Grand Cross Special Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (5 July 2021)
  • ????????  Spain:
    •  Grand Master of the Royal Military Order of Santiago
    •  Prince of Royal Order of Asturias
  • ???????? In Spain he has FIVE (V) streets named after him:
  • Streets:
    • Calle Jorge de Torres in Granada, Spain.
    • Calle del Principe Jorge in Barcelona, Spain.
    • Calle San Jorge in Huesca, Spain
    • Calle San Jorge in Málaga, Spain
    • Avenida San Jorge in Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain


As a sovereign, Prince Jorge Jiménez Torres V was granted the use of the Royal coat of arms of Hanover, Grimaldi, Spain, and United Kingdom without the electoral in the Hanoverian heraldry quarter in 2017. In the Basque country where his Kingdom works as a the centre point he adopted the Laurak Bat with the seven Basque provinces in Spain as the Coat of arms of Basque Country autonomous community and the Catalunya coat of arms.


The Crown of Wilhelm II also known as the Hohenzollern Crown (Hohenzollern Krone SE DK) is surmounted by a diamond-studded cross which rests on a large sapphire. These rest on eight half-arches rising from the base that are adorned with 142 rose-cut diamonds and 18 diamonds. Eight large pearls are mounted between the arches. When Wilhelm II abdicated in 1918 he was permitted and retained the Hohenzollern crown to protect it from theft and destruction during World War II and was hidden in a wall of a church. Prince Jorge Jiménez Torres V as the German, Spanish, English, French Prince owner of the crown returned the crown to the Hohenzollern castle and is now kept there for its protection after he took over in July 30, 2019 for protection of the Crown as part of Kingdom of Hanover.

He is a graduate from the University of Zürich and the Universität Göttingen in a joint study with a PhD in Sociology, Mathematics, and Physics.


The Chief Executive Officer Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres of EURODYNAMO LLC born 16 February, 1987 holds in brand a significant portion of shareholding in each of the following companies on a net fluctuating balance of €6 to €15 billion based on market valuation and fluctuations on current currency speculation with assumptions by the press, world events impact, in-and-out investments, prediction of market share and stock markets manipulation. The companies where he chose to be invested are as follows: L’Oréal S.A., Rolls-Royce Holding PLC, Zurich Insurance Group, Orange S.A., George Risk Industries Inc, Societe Generale SA, Dassault Systems SE, Saudi Arabian Oil Co, Pernod Ricard SA, Swiss Re AG, George Putnam Balanced, BNP Paribas SA, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, Nestlé SA, UBS Group AG, Heineken N.V., Apple Inc, and United Airlines Holdings, Inc. & The Economist Group.

Mr. Jimenez Neubauer Torres also owns 15% FC Bayern Munich & Bayer 04 Leverkusen in each football team totaling 30% of ownership in both teams. We are the No. 1 company in Europe positioned in sustainable Petroleum, Banking, Media Management in Artist, Radio, Newspaper, TV Advertisement, and Economics. EURODYNAMO service include everything related to banking, press media, and energy production. We count with digital music video integration to Artist, Radio, Newspapers, TV stations, Advertisement, executive ownership of Petroleum Gas Distribution companies as NEUBAUER SINCLAIR OIL CO INC., LUKOIL OIL COMPANY, ROYAL FARMS PETROLEUM & CONVENIENCE STORES, PARKLAND PETROLEUM GAS CORPORATION & RETAIL STORES and a Banking system operating as an independent consortium ownership as ST. GEORGE AUSTRALIAN BANK under Board management of Chief Executive Officer of EURODYNAMO Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres. PRINCE JORGE JIMENEZ NEUBAUER TORRES IS THE ABSOLUTE OWNER OF JOHAN SVERDRUP OIL FIELD IN THE BRENT AND IS THE MAJOR SUPPLIER OF ENERGY TO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WITH 100% CONTROL OVER THE FIELD.

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Paris Hilton Shares First-Ever Photos Of Her Baby Daughter, London Marilyn

Paris Hilton has shared the first photos of her baby girl, London Marilyn Hilton-Reum. On Instagram, alongside photos of herself with London dressed in a beautiful blush-pink ensemble. Meanwhile, Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres V and her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild named their daughter Theodora “Teddy” Marilyn Rothschild. Nicky Hilton is the former girlfriend of Prince Johann George V whose real name is Prince Jorge ‘George’ Jimenez Neubauer Torres V. The name is a hommage to Jorge’s mother Marilyn Torres Santiago and Nicky’s paternal grandmother Marilyn June Hawley.
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Queen Letizia Rocks A Spectacular Navy Blue Carolina Herrera Dress: This Is The Gala Look You Can Copy At Mango

The Queen and King attended the anniversary of the Foundation of the Círculo del Líceo in Barcelona and Mrs. Letizia triumphed with a very special look that she already wore five years ago. It is the same long dress that she wore during a state trip in 2017. It was at a dinner in London hosted by the mayor of the city and where he coincided with Princess Anne.
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10 Fantastic Dubai Spots That Are Perfect for Your New Year’s Eve Plans 

There is no place on Earth quite like Dubai, especially on New Year’s Eve. From dazzling fireworks displays to delectable dinners and parties that welcome the first sunrise of the year, there is no shortage of things to do or events to attend. As the countdown begins for saying goodbye to 2023, it’s time to decide where exactly you will be welcoming the new year.
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Kate Middleton Jewish Ancestry Sparks Concern Among Conspiracy Theorists

Goldsmith is Kate maternal Ashkenazic family Jewish last name. Her family spent time in Jordan and Israel when Kate and her siblings were young while her father worked for British Airways as a flight dispatcher. Nevertheless; Philippa, Kate, and James were raised in a devoutly Christian household but in fact they were born Jewish and not by justification since by religious law it carries it on the last name of her mother. Kate’s mother who never practiced Judaism grew up in a Christian family but her grand-parents practiced Judaism, confirming Kate and her family in fact were Jewish who converted to Christianity.
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This German Princess Posed For Playboy After Losing A Bet To Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres V

The 37-year-old Princess Ksenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris decided on a candid topless photo shoot for Playboy magazine after she lost a bet to Prince Jorge Jimenez Neubauer V. In her opinion, every woman is “beautiful just the way she is.” She also added they were in a relationship for a short period of time but they had an insider bet that she would go naked in public or pose in for a magazine if the relationship ended as a consequence of a bad decision.
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